For ISVs and OEMs: Why MySQL 5.6 is an Even Better Embedded Database for Your Products

MySQL 5.6 is arguably the best release in MySQL’s history with big improvements in performance, scalability, availability, and security.   As an ISV / OEM, you may wonder what in particular makes MySQL 5.6 better for you?  How can it help you achieve your product goals? And, how can it help make your life easier? This technical presentation answers these questions, focusing on the following MySQL 5.6 capabilities:

  • Online DDL/schema changes  - Flexibility to add capabilities (such as reporting) as product needs evolve.
  • InnoDB Improvements – Better performance across the board and SSD support.
  • Full Text Search in InnoDB – Ability to use full text search on transactions. Speeds queries for better performance and predictability.
  • Improved Performance Schema - Better instrumentation for improved tuning and performance.
  • Better Password Management – More options and greater security.
  • Partitioning Import / Export  - Improves partition management and speeds archiving.
  • Memcached API for InnoDB – Option of using Not Only SQL or SQL.
  • Replication Improvements  - Better availability, manageability and performance.
  • Multiple Purge Thread Support  - Higher performance in high volume applications.