MySQL in Security

MySQL in Security

Organizations turn to IT to help automate their business processes and cut costs. As part of this effort, they are digitizing more and more of their enterprise assets including confidential employee information, financial statements, legal documents, intellectual property, electronic medical records, and more. Protecting these assets is paramount to the success of their business. That's why IT security and privacy remain the top concern for CIOs.

"MySQL allowed us to create a breakthrough product by combining a full-featured database with our physical security management appliance at an affordable price."
John L. Moss, President and CEO,
S2 Security Corporation

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Today, many organizations rely on human detection and intervention, which is no match for very sophisticated predators and the ever-growing amount of data that needs to be protected. Increasingly, CIOs are relying on automated security appliances and intrusion detection systems than can secure access to the network and detect security breaches. Leading Security Appliance and Intrusion Detection System vendors such as Enterasys, Sandstorm, and SourceFire have selected MySQL to help network mangers secure their infrastructure.

A challenge for Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) is to collect and manage the huge amount of network traffic data that network managers need to analyze in order to pinpoint network problems, investigate security breaches, and still remain affordable. MySQL enables ISVs and OEMs to overcome these limitations by delivering:

  • High Performance to handle the high volume demands of some of the world's largest networks with multi-terabyte disk arrays. For example, Sandstorm's NetIntercept product uses MySQL to capture and archive data from over 1 million TCP connections to find suspicious patterns in network packets.
  • Reduced COGS and Improved Profitability by using a highly cost efficient database that allows vendors to offer security products at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. MySQL's lower costs provide margin flexibility, so pricing can be more easily set to appeal to price-sensitive Small and Mid-Size Businesses (SMBS).
  • Ease of Use and Zero Administration so that customers can use network security products out of the box. Most customers simply can't afford to wait weeks for their network security system to be implemented. Plus, Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) can't afford the overhead of a database administrator.
  • High Reliability so that network managers can maintain high service levels for their organization. Through continuous monitoring, network security problems can be detected before they disrupt the company's day-to-day work and profitability.

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