MySQL ISV/OEM Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight

The best way to determine if MySQL is the right database to use with your products is to hear from other MySQL ISV / OEM customers about their experiences. Over 2000 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) across multiple industries rely on MySQL for their success. Following are some of the customers and industries that are using MySQL as their products' database:


"MySQL embodies what we're trying to do with our appliances – it just works."
Dave Kloba
Vice President of Strategic Engineering Initiatives, Dell KACE

Network Management

"ScienceLogic EM7 puts very heavy demands on MySQL. An average enterprise implementation manages over 20,000 tables and performs over 1.6 billion queries per day. MySQL delivers the speed, scale and flexibility that EM7 customers require of an enterprise-class solution."
Dave Link
CEO & President, Co-Founder, ScienceLogic


"Thus far, we have collected about 2 million sequencing reads, or about 1TB of raw sequence data. The MySQL Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) database is central to our sequencing process. Its schema contains 115 tables, 1,171 fields and 195 foreign keys."
Martin Krzywinski and Yaron Butterfield, in Linux Journal article
Bioinformatics Research Scientists
Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

Content and Workflow Management

"We chose MySQL for its reliability, ease of use, low administration and high performance. MySQL allows us to implement the workgroup productivity features in Adobe Creative Suite CS3 so that our users can be more productive."
Mike Wallen
Version Cue Product Manager, Adobe Systems Incorporated


"MySQL has enabled MacPractice to deliver flexible, low cost practice management and clinical healthcare solutions to thousands of installations and tens of thousands of users."
Mark Hollis
CEO, MacPractice


"MySQL allowed us to create a breakthrough product by combining a full-featured database with our physical security management network appliance at an affordable price."
John L. Moss
President and CEO, S2 Security Corporation


"MySQL is easy to use, reliable, and has stood the test of time. Plus, the performance of MySQL is unmatched. MySQL is making a lot of my customers very happy right now!"
Michael Patterson
President, Plixer International


"MySQL's low administrative requirements allowed Scholastic to ship products that work out of the box and don't require school districts to hire high-cost, dedicated DBAs."

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