MySQL  in Content Management

MySQL in Content Management

Digital content is growing exponentially. Each day, organizations generate more and more digital content to simply run their business. And the work product of entire industries - both old and new, has shifted to digital content. Teams of professionals such as creative designers, engineers, lawyers and government agencies work collaboratively to create, update, and distribute the documents, web pages, images and multimedia files that are the basis of their business

"We chose MySQL for its reliability, ease of use, low administration and high performance. MySQL allows us to implement the workgroup productivity features in Adobe Creative Suite CS3 so that our users can be more productive."
Mike Wallen, Product Manager

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Historically, these organizations have relied on a shared network drive to store their content requiring users to manually create, find, update, and distribute documents, images, and multimedia files. However, business drivers such as regulatory compliance pressures, protecting confidential company information, and improving efficiencies to cut costs are forcing companies to adopt content management systems to automate the management of their digital assets.

MySQL enables ISVs and OEMs to build modern content management and workflow products by providing the following benefits:

  • Reduced COGS and Improved Profitability by using a highly cost efficient database that allows vendors to offer content management solutions at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. MySQL's lower costs provide margin flexibility, so pricing can be more easily set to appeal to price-sensitive Small and Medium Business (SMBs).
  • Ease of Installation, Configuration and Use make it quick and easy to embed MySQL into products and deliver a full-featured solution to customers.
  • High Performance makes searching for specific files, and workgroup functions like editing and updating files, extremely fast.
  • High Reliability which contributes to the overall quality of the content management solution. Leading ISVs like Adobe, SAS and Sage have selected MySQL for its high reliability.
  • Zero Administration so customers don't have to hire in high-cost database administration skills to maintain the database. SMBs in particular can't afford to hire a dedicated DBA to manage their content management solutions.

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