MySQL Enterprise powers 2 Million Referrals in Central Hospital Registry

Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU) is one of the major hospitals in Europe and was founded in 1997 when three hospitals in Sweden merged; Mölndal Hospital, Sahlgrenska Hospital and Östra Hospital. Sahlgrenska provides emergency and basic care within the city of Göteborg with 700,000 inhabitants, as well as highly specialized care for the Västra Götaland county with 1.7 million inhabitants.

Every year, Sahlgrenska University Hospital records two million referrals and comments through the Central Registry system which is powered by MySQL. All in all, the Central Registry manages about 100 gigabytes of data with up to 2,000 concurrent users on a yearly basis. Moreover, Sahlgrenska's various care units have different requirements regarding the set up of the patient's medical profile within the Central Registry, which calls for a flexible and adjustable database solution.

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