MySQL Awards



Linux Magazine Editors Choice Award 2001

"Ask any DBA to give you a short list of the best databases that are available for Linux, and it's guaranteed that MySQL will make the cut. In fact, the majority of Linux distributions come with MySQL as an install option. MySQL makes it a snap to use the power and flexibility of SQL on Linux and other platforms, while offering an excellent option for those companies and individuals that don't want to pay high license fees to commercial database vendors."

10th September 2001



Linux Journal Readers Choice Award 2000

2nd November 2000


Linux Magazine - Best Database

"If you're looking for an easy way to add database capabilities to your company's Web site or your own personal piece of the Web, MySQL is a great choice"

16th September 2000


Linux Journal Readers Choice Award 2000

18th January 2000



Linux Journal - Reader's Choice Award 1999

18th January 1999




CNet - Best Affordable Database 1998

9th December 1998


Web Techniques/Web Review - DB of the Year

22nd June 1998


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