Why MySQL High Availability Matters

Thursday, January 12, 2017

MySQL high availability matters because your data matters. If your database goes down, whether due to human error, catastrophic network failure, or planned maintenance, the accessibility and accuracy of your data can be compromised with disastrous results. Join Matt Lord, MySQL's High Availability Product Manager as he examines the critical elements of a high availability solution, including:

  • Data redundancy
  • Data consistency
  • Automatic fault detection and resolution
  • No single point of failure

and how you can achieve them more easily than ever before using MySQL's new native HA solution.

Matt Lord is a Product Manager in the MySQL group at Oracle. He has over 20 years of database and application development experience with MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase using a wide array of programming languages in a variety of UNIX and MS Windows based environments. He has spent the last 13 years working for MySQL, the first year in the Training department and the subsequent 9 years within the Support team, before moving to Product Management where one of his primary focuses today is on making MySQL a natively distributed and highly available database.


  • Matt Lord, Senior MySQL Product Manager, Oracle


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