Top 6 tips for improving MySQL performance

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Topics: Performance & Scalability

Benefit from this webinar by learning broad experience and deep expertise as we take you through a in-depth introduction to MySQL Performance Tuning. We will review best practices, the most important configuration options, discuss the initial MySQL configuration file, monitoring, and more!

Learn how to find the queries most in need of optimization using performance reports in MySQL Workbench, MySQL Enterprise Monitor, or through the sys schema.


  • Nitin Mehta, MySQL Principal Sales Consultant Oracle


Tue, Jun 27: 22:00 Pacific time (America)
Tue, Jun 27: 23:00 Mountain time (America)
Wed, Jun 28: 00:00 Central time (America)
Wed, Jun 28: 01:00 Eastern time (America)
Wed, Jun 28: 02:00 São Paulo time
Wed, Jun 28: 05:00 UTC
Wed, Jun 28: 05:00 Western European time
Wed, Jun 28: 06:00 Central European time
Wed, Jun 28: 07:00 Eastern European time
Wed, Jun 28: 10:30 India, Sri Lanka
Wed, Jun 28: 12:00 Indonesia Western Time
Wed, Jun 28: 13:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
Wed, Jun 28: 13:00 China time
Wed, Jun 28: 14:00 日本
Wed, Jun 28: 15:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes long followed by Q&A.


Simply access the web seminar from the comfort of your own office.

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