Solve Slow Data Queries with HeatWave plus MySQL in the Oracle Cloud

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Topics: Cloud

Tired of your OLTP and OLAP workloads slowing down performance? Accelerate your OLTP database for OLAP queries with MySQL plus HeatWave. HeatWave and MySQL Database Service accelerates your analytics queries in the Cloud by 400x, scales out to thousands of cores, and is 2.7x faster at one-third the cost of Amazon Redshift. It is the only service that enables database admins and app developers to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from their MySQL database, eliminating the need for complex, time-consuming, and expensive data movement and integration with a separate analytics database.

Join this webinar to learn how HeatWave and MySQL Database Service solves the slow data queries and makes it a thing of the past.


  • John Kehoe, MySQL Solution Engineer


Thu, May 13: 11:00 Pacific time (America)
Thu, May 13: 12:00 Mountain time (America)
Thu, May 13: 13:00 Central time (America)
Thu, May 13: 14:00 Eastern time (America)
Thu, May 13: 15:00 São Paulo time
Thu, May 13: 18:00 UTC
Thu, May 13: 18:00 Western European time
Thu, May 13: 19:00 Central European time
Thu, May 13: 20:00 Eastern European time
Thu, May 13: 23:30 India, Sri Lanka
Fri, May 14: 01:00 Indonesia Western Time
Fri, May 14: 02:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
Fri, May 14: 02:00 China time
Fri, May 14: 03:00 日本
Fri, May 14: 04:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes long followed by Q&A.


Simply access the web seminar from the comfort of your own office.