MySQL Performance: Getting the Basics Right

Thursday, October 26, 2017
Topics: Performance & Scalability

Setting up a MySQL Server solution is not a complex task, and with a few simple steps anybody can run a database. In this session learn useful tips to help you understand the preliminary steps in database design. Learn how to choose the right storage engine, table design, data types for your application, and get a set of useful recommendations. If it is true that premature optimization is the root of all performance evils, it is also true that the starting off right is the most important part of the work. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from our Oracle MySQL performance tuning expert!


  • Mirko Ortensi, MySQL Senior Technical Support Engineer, Oracle


Thu, Oct 26: 09:00 Pacific time (America)
Thu, Oct 26: 10:00 Mountain time (America)
Thu, Oct 26: 11:00 Central time (America)
Thu, Oct 26: 12:00 Eastern time (America)
Thu, Oct 26: 14:00 São Paulo time
Thu, Oct 26: 16:00 UTC
Thu, Oct 26: 16:00 Western European time
Thu, Oct 26: 17:00 Central European time
Thu, Oct 26: 18:00 Eastern European time
Thu, Oct 26: 21:30 India, Sri Lanka
Thu, Oct 26: 23:00 Indonesia Western Time
Fri, Oct 27: 00:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
Fri, Oct 27: 00:00 China time
Fri, Oct 27: 01:00 日本
Fri, Oct 27: 03:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes long followed by Q&A.


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