MySQL Innovation and Cloud Day

Tuesday, April 04, 2023
Topics: Cloud

Come and find out why Oracle now views MySQL as an essential part of its strategy backed up with significant investment in the new MySQL HeatWave cloud offerings on OCI, AWS and Azure.

In this event, the MySQL team will address the latest innovations about MySQL HeatWave Machine Learning, MySQL HeatWave on AWS, and MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse.

In addition,, a certified Oracle partner, will share their firsthand experience and explain the benefits MySQL has brought to their organization, as well as to their customers.

Do not miss this opportunity to keep you up to date with MySQL HeatWave. Ask your questions during the event and receive the answers directly from the MySQL team!


  • Duke van Leeuwen,
  • Carsten Thalheimer, MySQL Master Principal Solution Engineer
  • Ted Wennmark, MySQL Master Principal Solution Engineer


Tue, Apr 04: 02:00 Pacific time (America)
Tue, Apr 04: 03:00 Mountain time (America)
Tue, Apr 04: 04:00 Central time (America)
Tue, Apr 04: 05:00 Eastern time (America)
Tue, Apr 04: 06:00 São Paulo time
Tue, Apr 04: 09:00 UTC
Tue, Apr 04: 09:00 Western European time
Tue, Apr 04: 10:00 Central European time
Tue, Apr 04: 11:00 Eastern European time
Tue, Apr 04: 14:30 India, Sri Lanka
Tue, Apr 04: 16:00 Indonesia Western Time
Tue, Apr 04: 17:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
Tue, Apr 04: 17:00 China time
Tue, Apr 04: 18:00 日本
Tue, Apr 04: 19:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes long followed by Q&A.


Simply access the web seminar from the comfort of your own office.