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MySQL on Windows Webinar Series

Join us for a series of live webinars that will explore different aspects of using MySQL on Windows. Whether you are already using MySQL or considering a new project, register today to learn how you can make the best use of MySQL on the Windows platform. Convenient sessions provided for EMEA and North American time zone for most of the series. Register now!

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MySQL Shows Great Momentum within SMBs

According to a recent Sun sponsored TNS Gallup survey conducted in Europe, Open Source Software (OSS) and MySQL are showing great momentum within SMBs! Key findings from the survey include:

  • 54% of SMBs currently use OSS
  • In 2011, OSS will represent between 25% and 100% of the IT infrastructure of a third of SMBs
  • In the next 12 months, 42% of SMBs surveyed will increase their usage of MySQL

For country-specific survey results, download the survey summary report to learn more.

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Case Study: Plusnet Achieves Continuous Availability of AAA Services with MySQL Cluster and FreeRADIUS

Plusnet upgraded their AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) platform to the FreeRADIUS server and MySQL Cluster database in order to address increased demands resulting from rapid service proliferation over fixed and wireless networks, a quickly growing user base, and the need for continuous network access and accounting demanded by more stringent SLAs.

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Case Study: MySQL Helps Simply Accounting by Sage Increase Revenue, Market Share, and Customer Satisfaction

The Sage Group plc, is one of the world-wide market leaders in accounting and business management software and services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with over 5.8 million customers. In the Canadian market, Simply Accounting by Sage is the established market share leader in the small to mid-size business accounting software market with 54% of the Canadian retail market.

MySQL is now the new Sage database standard for Sage's small-to-medium targeted products. At present this includes Simply Accounting by Sage in Canada, Sage 50 HR in the UK and Sage's GS product line in Germany.

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White Paper: A Visual Guide to Importing and Exporting Data Between Microsoft Excel and MySQL

In early 2009 we conducted our annual survey and what we found is that 66% percent of those surveyed used Windows for development and 48% ultimately deployed into production on Windows. With the power of the SQL language and MySQL's RDBMs capabilities, it allows users to leverage the data so that it can be shared by multiple users concurrently, in a more secure, and manageable manner through a variety of interfaces and front ends. For the purposes of this guide we will show you how easy it is to import and export data from MySQL and Excel using MySQL's ODBC Connector in conjunction with Excel 2007 and Access 2007's native import/export capabilities.

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White Paper: Guide to MySQL Embedded Server for Microsoft Windows

For a number of years, Windows has been the most popular development and deployment platform for ISVs and OEMs who bundle or embed MySQL Embedded Server with their products. This Guide outlines the reasons why MySQL on Windows continues to be a popular choice - even over Microsoft's databases - for independent software vendors, original equipment manufacturers, and hosting providers. In addition, it provides tips and links to various resources on how to develop and optimize MySQL applications on Windows.

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Live Webinar: What's New in the MySQL Enterprise Fall 2009 Release - Asia & India

Thursday, October 22, 2009 - 11:30 India time/14:00 China time

The MySQL Enterprise Fall 2009 Release includes the MySQL Enterprise Monitor with the improved MySQL Query Analyzer - now with new correlation graphs for faster performance optimization. Join this webinar and see a live demonstration of the new MySQL Enterprise Monitor and the improved Query Analyzer, hear about the new Advisor rules and support services and get live answers to your questions from our MySQL experts.

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Live Webinar: Memcached Technical Deep Dive - C++ libmemcached

Thursday, October 29, 2009 - 10:00am PDT

Join us for this informative technical webinar presented by Padraig O'Sullivan, Graduate student - who when not studying, hacks on drizzle and memcached and Jimmy Guerrero, Sr Product Manager - Sun Microsystems. In this webinar we will explain the basic concepts of how memcached works and how it can be leveraged to increase the scalability of online applications. The majority of the presentation will focus on a technical deep dive into memcached's recently overhauled C++ interface.

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Upcoming MySQL University Sessions

MySQL University is a free educational online program for engineers and developers who are interested in MySQL development and internals. MySQL University sessions are open to anyone, not limited to Sun employees. Sessions are recorded with slides and audio, so if you can't attend the live session you can review the recording anytime after the session.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • October 22: Dual Master Setups With MMM (Arjen Lentz)
  • October 29: MySQL scalability on SPARC & INTEL X5500 (Nehalem) (Benoit Chaffanjon)
  • November 12: Gearman for MySQL (Giuseppe Maxia)
  • November 19: Memcached Functions for MySQL (UDFs) (Patrick Galbraith)

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New Product Releases

New Release of MySQL Community Server 5.4.3 (Beta)

MySQL Server 5.4.3-beta, a new version of the popular Open Source Database Management System, has been released. MySQL 5.4 is based on MySQL 5.1 but includes several high-impact changes to address scalability and performance issues in MySQL Server. These changes exploit advances in hardware and CPU design and enable better utilization of existing hardware. MySQL 5.4 currently has Beta status.

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New Release of MySQL Community Server 5.1.39 (GA)

MySQL Community Server 5.1.39, a new version of the popular Open Source Database Management System, has been released. MySQL 5.1.39 is recommended for use on production systems. As with MySQL 5.1.38, 5.1.39 includes the InnoDB Plugin version 1.0.4.

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New Release of MySQL Community Server 5.0.86 (GA)

MySQL Community Server 5.0.86, a new version of the popular Open Source Database Management System, has been released. This and future releases in the MySQL Community Server 5.0 series share version numbers with their MySQL Enterprise Server counterparts.

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New Release of MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.86 (GA)

MySQL 5.0.86 Enterprise Server, a new version of the popular Open Source Database Management System, has been released and is now available for download for MySQL Enterprise customers. This new version represents the latest release of the MySQL Enterprise Server and serves as the upgrade path for those customers who have previously standardized on the most recent MySQL Enterprise Server, version 5.0.85.

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New Release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.4 (Alpha)

We're proud to announce the availability of the next Alpha release of MySQL Workbench 5.2. This is the first release of Workbench 5.2 that enables part of the upcoming administrative feature set. The following tasks can be performed in the Workbench 5.2.4 release:

  • Registration of Server Profiles
  • Start/Stop of the MySQL Server
  • Configuration File Edition (my.cnf / my.ini)
  • Show Connections and Server-Variables

Further we have added the long awaited SSH Tunnel features that enables MySQL connections to machines where only SSH access is available.

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New Release of MySQL Connector/J 5.1.10 (GA)

MySQL Connector/J 5.1.10, a maintenance release of the production 5.1 branch has been released. Connector/J is the Type-IV pure-Java JDBC driver for MySQL. Version 5.1.10 is suitable for use with any MySQL version including MySQL-4.1, MySQL-5.0, MySQL-5.1 or the MySQL-5.4 performance release.

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Hints & Tips

Tutorial: Developing Database Applications Using MySQL Connector/C++

Giri Mandalika

This tutorial will show you the essential steps to build and install MySQL Connector/C++ driver, with simple examples to connect, insert, and retrieve data from a MySQL database. Because the focus is on database connectivity from a C++ application, this document assumes that some kind of MySQL database is already up and accessible from the client machine.

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Article: Installing MySQL Connector/C++ from Source

Giri Mandalika

Before you proceed with the installation from source, check the Connector/C++ downloads page to see whether the driver is available in binary form for your build platform, and whether it works for you. In general, all the pre-compiled binaries are built with the best possible options for all the supported platforms. Installation from the binary package is very straight forward on all platforms - simply unpacking the zip archive in a desired location installs the Connector/C++ driver.

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Case Study: SFR Creates High-Performing Developer Platform in Three Months with Open-Source MySQL & Sun Solution

SFR, a French telco, operates in a highly competitive marketplace where pressure is higher than ever to maximize average revenue per user. To help boost income, the company launched the SFR Developer Zone Initiative, which opened up its APIs to business customers so they could create custom-made text and multimedia messaging, and location services. The telco would benefit from increased messaging traffic and data downloads.

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Case Study: IMS Adoption Fueled by the Open IMS Core Project and MySQL

IMS is the foundation of Next Generation Networks (NGNs), a key architectural transformation in telecommunications networks designed to deliver communications services, such as voice, data and multi-media, over converged, all-IP (Internet Protocol) networks. It is expected that IMS will become the prominent technology enabler for converging fixed, mobile and cable networks, providing seamless triple and quadruple play services.

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Case Study: Canadian Centre for Child Protection Relies on MySQL to Improve the Safety of Children

Canadian Centre for Child Protection is a non-profit organization dedicated to the personal safety of all children. To satisfy the unmet needs for a centralized reporting system, the Canadian Centre built in 2002 to collect reports for online sexual exploitation of children within Canada. With MySQL as's relational database of choice, the Canadian Centre is in a better position to help protect children from potential harm.

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PlanetMySQL Blog Posts

The following blog posts are from PlanetMySQL. PlanetMySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users and employees. It is an excellent source of all things about MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Rolling Time-based Partitions

Glynn Durham

Fairly often I hear customers say that they plan a table that accumulates millions of rows per day, and they want to keep around, say, the last 30 days worth of data. (For the sake of examples, I'm going to make it the last 3 days.) So this is a kind of round-robin table, with rolling addition of new data and removal of the oldest data.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Free and easy schema diff and patch

Sheeri Cabral

We frequently are asked to "do a schema diff and create a script that will 'patch' one server." Usually this is done to take a development or test schema and move it to production for a release.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Using the MySQL Query Cache effectively

Ronald Bradford

Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses.

You can apply this approach to many things in life, I apply it to describing and using MySQL the product, and its components. The Query Cache like many features in MySQL, and indeed features in many different RDBMS products have relative benefits.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Scaling writes in MySQL

Philip Tellis

We use MySQL on most of our projects. One of these projects has an access pattern unlike any other I've worked on. Several million records a day need to be written to a table. These records are then read out once at the end of the day, summarised and then very rarely touched again. Each record is about 104 bytes long, and that's after squeezing out every byte possible. The average number of records that we write in a day is 40 million, but this could go up.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: MySQL processlist phrase book

Domas Mituzas

For your convenience, a short phrase book, starting with explanation of process states where MySQL is mostly working to look up data from tables.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: How to install MySQL Connector/Python

Geert Vanderkelen

Currently, MySQL Connector/Python is only available through Launchpad. Here's a small how-to for installing it using the Bazaar bzr client tool. All you need is a machine with Python installed (v2.3 or higher, but not v3.x), and.. well, that's it!

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PlanetMySQL Blog: A broken MySQL backup is useless - Make sure you test both your backup AND your recovery processes

Justin Swanhart

This post is sparked by a recent message on an internet mailing list, where an engineer tried to restore a 40GB MySQL production backup for disaster recovery purposes. Unfortunately, the backup could not be restored and an error is returned from the program. It is unclear (to me) if this is due to a problem with the recovery tool, the original source database or with the backup itself.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: How to raise error in your MySQL application

Sveta Smirnova

Recently I got this question twice. Although SIGNAL was implemented in version 6.0 (which is partially mysql-trunk now) this version is not stable yet, so users still need to use workaround.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Configuring MySQL Cluster for large databases

Johan Andersson

If you need to create a big database into MySQL Cluster with a lot of tables indexes, columns, tables, and a lot of records, there are a few things to think about.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: MySQL Workbench Administrator Plugin

Maksym Yehorov

Recently we have released Workbench 5.2.4 Alpha. This version has some new features, and amongst them there is Workbench Administrator plugin or WBA plugin for short.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Accessing the same data through LDAP and SQL

Andrew Morgan

OpenLDAP includes a driver that allows it to store and access data held in MySQL Cluster. It uses the NDB-API to access the database and so the performance is extremely good. One of the great things about the solution is that it lets you simultaneously access the same data through both LDAP and SQL (or the NDB-API or any of the MySQL connectors). This article gives an example of how this can be done.

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Live Webinar: FreeRADIUS & MySQL Cluster - Scalable and Highly Available AAA Services - EMEA

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 - 10:00 CET/11:00 EET

As network use grows and services become more dynamic, existing Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) environments can struggle to keep pace with demand. Tune into this webinar where you can hear from Alan Dekok, one of the founders of the FreeRADIUS project and CEO of Network RADIUS, discussing the concepts and implementation of RADIUS services using the FreeRADIUS server and the MySQL Cluster database to deliver highly available and scalable AAA services.

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Live Webinar: Best Practices Webinar: Shopatron's eCommerce Services Powered by MySQL Cluster

Thursday, October 22, 2009 - 10:00am PDT

As one of the world's leading eCommerce Service Providers, Shopatron needed to further improve scalability and availability of their eCommerce services to keep pace with their rapidly growing business, while at the same time, reducing costs. After extensive evaluations, Shopatron selected MySQL Cluster to power its back-end database, running the entire eCommerce fulfillment engine.

Tune into this webinar where Shopatron's CIO/COO and VP of Engineering will both share their experiences and best practices of implementing the MySQL Cluster database for eCommerce applications.

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Live Webinar: Windows and MySQL - Part 1: Getting Started with MySQL on Windows - EMEA

Thursday, October 29, 2009 - 15:00 CET/16:00 EET

Join us for this informative technical webinar with Mike Frank, Sr Product Manager at Sun Microsystems. In this presentation we'll cover the benefits of deploying MySQL on Windows. You will learn the basic "How-To's" of installation, security and configuration. We will show you how to start using MySQL tools on Windows, such as MySQL Workbench and MySQL Enterprise Monitor with the new Query Analyzer.

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Live Webinar: MySQL Cluster Performance Tuning Best Practices

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - 10:00am PDT

Are you experiencing current performance bottlenecks in your high availability applications? Are you designing a new mission-critical application and want to know how best to structure your schema and index strategy for optimal performance?

Then this free web presentation is for you! You will get expert insight and learn best practices to help you identify those areas of database and application design that will give you the greatest benefits for performance when using MySQL Cluster.

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Live Webinar: Windows and MySQL - Part 2: MySQL for the SQL Server DBA - EMEA

Thursday, November 05, 2009 - 15:00 CET/16:00 EET

Join us for Part 2 of the Windows and MySQL webinar series with Jimmy Guerrero and Mike Frank of the MySQL group at Sun Microsystems. In this presentation, we will give an overview of MySQL's internal architecture including storage engines, security and datatypes. Also covered will be replication, migration strategies, tools and product comparisons to SQL Server, SQL Server Express and Access. If you are a SQL Server DBA interested in learning how to leverage your current knowledge against MySQL, this webinar is for you.

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Live Webinar: MySQL Cluster - Geographic Replication Deep-Dive (Asia/India)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 - 11:30 India time/14:00 Singapore time

MySQL Cluster has been deployed into some of the most demanding web, telecoms and enterprise/government workloads, supporting 99.999% availability with real time performance and linear write scalability. Tune into this webinar where you can hear from the Director of MySQL Server Engineering provide a detailed "deep dive" into one of MySQL Cluster's key capabilities - Geographic Replication.

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Live Webinar: Windows and MySQL - Part 4: Migrating from Access to MySQL

Thursday, November 19, 2009 - 10:00am PDT

Join us for Part 4 of the Windows and MySQL webinar series with Jimmy Guerrero and Mike Frank of the MySQL group at Sun Microsystems. In this presentation we will explore the benefits of migrating your Microsoft Access data to MySQL. We will also cover migration best practices as well as an overview of migration tools, scripts and datatype mapping. Finally, we will demonstrate how to leverage Access front-ends with a MySQL-backend.

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More free MySQL webinars are scheduled and added between each Newsletter edition, so visit our website frequently for the most updated information.

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Training, Consulting, and Certification

Training: MySQL Performance Tuning Bootcamp (5 days)

London, Denver, Santa Clara

The MySQL Database Administrators and Performance Tuning Boot Camp training course provides you with an 11 hour-per-day immersion into the world of MySQL database administration. The program is an accelerated course that provides those individuals who want to learn how to administer MySQL servers along with the know-how to ensure that their servers perform optimally through performance monitoring and tuning. You will learn from MySQL-Certified experts through a combination of lab exercises, lectures, and presentations.

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Consulting: MySQL Scale-Out, High-Availability and Replication Jumpstart (4+ Days)

A dedicated MySQL consultant uses proven methodologies and expertise in database design, architecture, performance tuning, replication, fail-over and fault-tolerance to provide these services. Sun's MySQL consultants will work closely with your team to:

  • Analyze your current database infrastructure, Scale-out and High-Availability database requirements
  • Identify potential issues and limitations
  • Configure MySQL or MySQL Cluster to work with HA Technologies
  • Secure your database environment against failures and downtime
  • Recommend a Scale-Out and High Availability architecture specific to your application that optimizes availability, fault-tolerance, and performance.

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Certification: MySQL Cluster Certification Program for ISVs

By certifying your application with MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition database, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Provide even higher levels of customer assurance that your application can meet the most stringent demands for high availability, performance and scalability
  • Increase awareness and visibility of your application among one of the world's largest and most influential software user communities
  • Differentiate your product from the competition by offering reduced complexity and integration costs along with faster time to market for your end customers

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Live Webinar: Read/Write Load Balancing for MySQL with ZXTM in the Joyent Public Cloud

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 - 10:00am PDT

Join us for this informative technical webinar with Raja Srinivasan - Zeus Technology, Rod Boothby - Joyent, and Jimmy Guerrero - Sun Microsystems, where we will explore how to load balance MySQL in the Joyent Public Cloud with ZXTM. In this webinar we will demonstrate how ZXTM inspects, manages and load balances MySQL connections. We'll also present a technical deep-dive into the best practices concerning high availability, performance and scaling in the cloud.

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