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Live Webinar: MySQL Query Analyzer - Finding and Fixing Problem Queries

Wednesday, August 20th

The MySQL Query Analyzer is designed to alleviate pain points around diagnosing and fixing performance problems related to poorly performing SQL code. Join us for this presentation to see how new the new Query Analyzer helps keep your key MySQL systems up and running at the highest levels of scalability and performance by identifying problems and tuning opportunities around application and user queries before they lead to costly outages.

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Test Drive MySQL Enterprise Monitor for 48 Hours

You can now Test Drive the MySQL Enterprise Monitor with no download or installation required. MySQL will provide you access to demo servers to test MySQL Enterprise Monitor for 48hrs.

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MySQL in Healthcare

MySQL is a cost-effective, reliable and proven database that enables healthcare providers, payers, as well as ISVs and System Integrators to automate the management of health information. That is why some of the leading solution providers including FairWarning and MacPractice rely on MySQL for their database requirements.

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition

With MySQL 5.1 having officially been in Release Candidate status since September 2007 and soon approaching GA status, the MySQL Community Team launches a competition for the users of new features of MySQL 5.1. Submit your MySQL 5.1 Use Case Report to community(at) by 31 August 2008 and have a chance of winning.

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Case Study: Gorilla Nation Relies on MySQL to Power its Advertising Network Business Intelligence Platform

Gorilla Nation is the world's largest online advertising sales representation company. To help their publishers and advertisers increase revenues, Gorilla Nation has built a business intelligence platform on MySQL that manages 1+ TB of data and provides vital real-time traffic and advertising campaign performance information.

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MySQL Jobs

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software. As part of Sun Microsystems' software group, MySQL is a global organization with over 400 workers in 25 countries. We are looking for talented professionals in engineering, sales, marketing, professional services, and support that will contribute to our products' strong momentum and share in our success! We have openings for the following positions:

  • Web Content Manager
  • Support Engineers
  • Senior Software Engineer, Online Backup
  • Build Engineer
  • QA Engineers, Online Backup, Storage Engines
  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Engineer, Telecom
  • Lead Development Representative
  • Alliance Manager, Telecom
  • And Many More ...

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New Product Releases

New Release of MySQL 5.1.26 (Release Candidate)

We are proud to present to you the MySQL Server 5.1.25-rc release, a new "release candidate" version of the popular open source database. Bear in mind that this is still a "candidate" release, and as with any other pre-production release, caution should be taken when installing on production level systems or systems with critical data. Fixes include:

  • Replication: Performing an insert on a table having an AUTO_INCREMENT column and an INSERT trigger that was being replicated from a master running MySQL 5.0 or any version of MySQL 5.1 up to and including MySQL 5.1.11 to a slave running MySQL 5.1.12 or later caused the replication slave to crash. (Bug#36443)
  • Row-based replication broke for utf8 CHAR columns longer than 85 characters. (Bug#37426)
  • NOT IN subqueries that selected MIN() or MAX() values but produced an empty result could cause a server crash. (Bug#37004)

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New Release of MySQL 6.0.5 (Alpha)

MySQL 6.0.5-alpha, a new version of the MySQL database system including the Falcon transactional storage engine, has been released. Changes include:

  • Incompatible Change: In MySQL 5.1.6, when log tables were implemented, the default log destination for the general query and slow query log was TABLE. This default has been changed to FILE, which is compatible with MySQL 5.0, but incompatible with earlier releases of MySQL 5.1 from 5.1.6 to 5.1.20.
  • Incompatible Change: The server now includes dtoa, a library for conversion between strings and numbers by David M. Gay. In MySQL, this library provides the basis for improved conversion between string or DECIMAL values and approximate-value (FLOAT/DOUBLE) numbers.
  • Important Change: Security Fix: It was possible to circumvent privileges through the creation of MyISAM tables employing the DATA DIRECTORY and INDEX DIRECTORY options to overwrite existing table files in the MySQL data directory.
  • Important Change: Security Enhancement: On Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, a user without administrative privileges does not have write permissions to the Program Files directory where MySQL and the associated data files are normally installed.

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New Release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.23 (GA)

The MySQL Developer Tools team is working on version 5.1 in parallel while we keep constantly improving version 5.0 and fixing remaining bugs. 26 bugs have been fixed since the last release. As an improvement, most common parameters of the application state (Window position, size, etc) are now stored/restored properly.

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Hints & Tips

White Paper: Enterprise-Ready Database, Monitoring and Support with MySQL Enterprise

This paper explores how you can confidently deploy MySQL, the "M" in the LAMP stack, as part of an innovative and cost-effective platform ideal for delivering internet-based applications. It further examines the challenges associated with building and supporting scalable, data-driven online applications using, open source web 2.0 technologies and provides a detailed overview of MySQL Enterprise, which includes the database and monitoring software and production support services that are designed to alleviate these challenges.

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Article: Getting Started with Bazaar for MySQL Code

Daniel Fischer

Since you're reading this, you probably know that Sun is switching to the Bazaar version control system for all development work on the MySQL server. Unlike the version control system that we've been using previously, Bazaar is an open source project and freely available to anyone.

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PlanetMySQL Blog Posts

The following blog posts are from PlanetMySQL. PlanetMySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users and employees. It is an excellent source of all things MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Differences Between innodb_data_file_path and innodb_file_per_table

Keith Murphy

Recently, a customer wondered if they should start using the innodb_file_per_table option, or if they should continue to use the large InnoDB tablespace files created by the innodb_data_file_path option in the my.cnf option file.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Version Control: Thanks, BitKeeper - Welcome, Bazaar

Kaj Arnö

During the last month, MySQL code has been migrated from BitKeeper to Bazaar. Bazaar is a distributed, free revision control system sponsored and supported by Canonical, the company behind the fast-growing Linux distribution Ubuntu.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Backups: MySQL Manual Gets Improved Searching

Baron Schwartz

Hooray! The MySQL reference manual has a new search system. It now uses a Google Appliance and the results should be a lot better.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: MySQL Proxy: 0.7.0 and the Way Ahead

Jan Kneschke

MySQL Proxy got a bunch of changes in the svn-repo over the last weeks. Most of the important changes are in and we are working on making it a good 0.7.0 release.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: MySQL Back to Basics: Analyze, Check, Optimize, and Repair

Nicklas Westerlund

It felt like the right time for us to look back at some useful commands for table maintenance that some of us may not have mastered as much as we might like to think.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: OSCON 2008 - MySQL Proxy - from Architecture to Implementation

Giuseppe Maxia

Here are the slides from the MySQL Proxy presentation at OSCON 2008.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Peeling the MySQL Scalability Onion

Neelakanth Nadgir

In this blog I will talk about how we (the Sun/MySQL Performance Team) eliminated the need for a lock to get better scalability with MySQL 5.1.24+.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: SaaS Multi-tenant Databases

Brooks Johnson

There are some good high level discussions on the various database architectures for implementing software as a service. I'm not going to duplicate that. Instead, this article is going to highlight some of the issues and tradeoffs when multiple tenants (customers of the software service provider) are put into one database.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: What exactly does FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK do?

Mark Callaghan

FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK can do wonders. But you should understand what it does to avoid problems.

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Live Webinar: Ensuring Service Level Agreements with MySQL Enterprise and Hyperic HQ

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Join us for this informative webinar where we will explore how Software as a Service providers and Managed Hosting Providers can ensure service level agreements with a combination of MySQL Enterprise and Hyperic HQ.

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Live Webinar: Enterprise-Ready Database, Monitoring and Support with MySQL Enterprise

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 - 10:00am PST

In this new web webinar we'll explore the following MySQL Enterprise subscription components:

  • MySQL Enterprise Server - Learn why the MySQL Enterprise Server is the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of MySQL
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor and Advisors (and new Query Analyzer!) - Learn how you can proactively monitor all of your MySQL servers from a single, browser-based console
  • MySQL Production Support Services - Learn how MySQL's 24 X 7 Production Support Services help ensure your business critical applications are continuously available

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Live Webinar: Grazr - Lessons Learned using MySQL and Memcached in Web 2.0 Applications

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Join us for this informative technical webinar with Patrick Galbraith of Grazr Inc., were he will discuss the lessons learned in designing and implementing scalable Web 2.0 applications leveraging MySQL and memcached, the open source distributed memory caching system.

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Live Webinar: Enabling Enterprise 2.0 with MySQL (German)

Thursday August 28th, 15:00 MESZ

Join us for this informative webinar where we will explore how open source Web 2.0 technologies, applications and architectures leveraging MySQL Enterprise can help enable information access across an enterprise's entire technology spectrum, through a network of tightly and loosely integrated applications, services and devices.

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MySQL European Customer Conferences 2008, Register Now!

A day packed with technical sessions, customer experiences and all round MySQL goodness! You will be able to learn, improve your skills and network with other MySQL users.

Whatever your experience with MySQL, the MySQL European conferences help you can get the most out of MySQL technology, and from the company now behind it, Sun Microsystems.

Don't miss this once a year opportunity!

  • Munich, October 21
  • London, October 23
  • Paris, November 19

Register before August 31st and receive an early bird discount!

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Training, Consulting, and Certification

Consulting: MySQL Architecture & Design (2+ Days)

In this engagement, a dedicated MySQL certified consultant will work closely with your team to deliver the following benefits:

  • Accelerate the development process by ensuring the application is architected correctly
  • Help ensure application meets current and future business requirements
  • Minimize re-architecting efforts when business conditions change
  • Learn and use best practices techniques to ensure success

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Training: MySQL 5.0 Performance Tuning (4 Days)

The MySQL 5.0 Performance Tuning course is designed for Database Administrators and others who wish to monitor and tune MySQL. This course will prepare each student with the skills needed to utilize tools for monitoring, evaluating and tuning. Students will evaluate the architecture, learn to use the tools, configure the database for performance, tune application and SQL code, tune the server, examine the storage engines, assess the application architecture, and learn general tuning concepts.

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Pentaho: Live Webinar, Grow Existing BI Deployments at Lower TCO with Open Source

Thursday, August 07, 2008 - 10:00am PST

Please join this webcast to learn how your peer organizations who already own proprietary BI from vendors like Oracle, Business Objects, Cognos, Informatica and others, have deployed commercial open source business intelligence, side-by-side in their existing BI deployments, as well as for new users and projects. You'll learn about how they've used open source business intelligence to deploy more rapidly, with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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