Southern California Linux Expo 2019 (ScaLE)

March 7 - 10, 2019, Pasadena

As a tradition we are again part of ScaLE 2019 as Gold sponsor with booth & MySQL talks. Please stop by at our MySQL booth and do not miss the MySQL talks which all are scheduled for March 8th, Room 101. You can find there multiple presenters, from MySQL/Oracle team, you can find following presentations:

  • "MySQL Document Store - A NoSQL JSON Document Database" given by David Stokes, the MySQL Community Manager. His talk is scheduled for Mar 8th, 2019 @10:00-11:30
  • "MySQL Security - Avoid Getting on the Front Page!" given by Michael Marx, the MySQL Senior Sales Consultant. His talk is scheduled for Mar 8th, 2019 @16:30-17:30.
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