MySQL Hands-On Lab Session

December 07, 2023, Sydney 2113

Looking to simplify your database infrastructure while getting real-time analytics and lowering costs? 

Learn how MySQL Enterprise features help secure your database and achieve regulatory compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other industry regulated or prevailing national data privacy and security requirements with MySQL Enterprise Firewall, MySQL Audit, MySQL TDE, MySQL Data Masking and Data De-identification.

We will also cover how to meet the sustained performance and scalability of ever-increasing user, query and data loads with MySQL Enterprise Thread Pool. As well as, how MySQL InnoDB Cluster provides HA and scaling features and how MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet provides disaster tolerance for InnoDB cluster.

Join us for a hands-on lab session to find out how you can drastically simplify your infrastructure and get real-time analytics while improving data security and reducing costs.

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