db tech showcase

September 19 - 21, 2018, Tokyo

We are happy to announce that MySQL is again part of this show this year. Above a MySQL booth there will be also several MySQL related talks, please see them below:

  • "SQL + NoSQL = MySQL 8.0 - Best of both world" given by Daisuke Inagaki, the MySQL Principal Sales Consultant @ Oracle
  • "Analyzing performance with EXPLAIN command in MySQL 8.0" given by Daisuke Inagaki
  • "MySQL 8.0 and beyond - Technology Update 2018 Summer" given by Ryusuke Kajiyama, the MySQL Sales Consulting Senior Manager for JAPAC, Oracle
  • "MySQL at SQUARE ENIX, upgrading newer version in production" given by Mr. Hajime Ito from SQUARE ENIX company
  • "Upgrading MySQL 5.6 to 5.7, and for higher availability" given by Mr. Shinya Sugiyama, the CTO of LOCONDO company
  • Two other MySQL related sessions given by Mr. Kentaro Kitagawa from LINE Corp & Mr. Rei Hasegawa from GMO Internet will be confirmed soon.

We are looking for to seeing & talking to you at db tech showcase 2018!

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