Fabrikant.ru Enjoys Near-Zero Downtime
Due to Powerful Data Management Tools

"MySQL Enterprise Edition instills confidence, because day by day it provides us with greater stability, powerful backup support, monitoring, and data management capabilities, with almost zero downtime. We can now run our business with no interruptions in operating the Fabrikant.ru trading platform, which is undoubtedly one of the key factors in achieving the company's success."

Yuri Vilkov, Head of IT Department

Fabrikant.ru is a Russian electronic-trading platform that brings together market players-buyers, brokers, and suppliers-across different industries. The portal, launched in 2005, serves domestic and international customers. Clients can conduct a full range of trade and procurement procedures, analyze trade efficiency and achieved savings, as well as evaluate the performance of the procurement staff. Suppliers and subcontractors have full access to trading procedures carried out by major market players, and can quickly tap into new markets and carve out their niches. More than 10,000 trading procedures are available through the Fabrikant.ru portal to more than 130,000 registered companies. Fabrikant.ru offers around-the-clock access to the tools needed to execute successful trades, as well as legal advice and technical support.


  • Create a secure trading environment with contemporary data-management capabilities, allowing major international companies to execute electronic trades around the clock
  • Broaden the ability of the portal participants to launch attractive trading procedures across all economic sectors-military and civilian-by providing them with comprehensive trading tools and business analytics, fully supporting their procurement activities
  • Optimize database maintenance, for example by fixing technical issues faster
  • Increase productivity of in-house IT staff-developers, database administrators, and system administrators-and cut costs by automating core IT processes, from monitoring server performance to carrying out in-depth system diagnostics


  • Deployed MySQL Enterprise Edition with MySQL Database as a powerful, open-source database solution
  • Used MySQL Enterprise Security and its single sign-on capabilities to easily authenticate Windows- and Linux-based connections without prompting users for additional credentials when managing databases
  • Used MySQL Enterprise Scalability and the MySQL Thread Pool to manage growing numbers of users, queries, and data loads-including up to 10,000 transactions per second from 8,000 simultaneous users-while achieving near-zero downtime for the web service
  • Created complete replicas of all data stored in the databases, to ensure zero data loss, and to minimize risks through comprehensive MySQL Enterprise Backup options-from full copy and "hot" operative backups, to a selective backup and point-in-time recovery
  • Engaged MySQL technical support engineers to ensure 24/7 direct access to MySQL expertise and to knowledge bases that cover hundreds of thousands of topics, enabling in-house system administrators to focus on priority projects without losing time on troubleshooting, which now requires only a few hours per month instead of several weeks
  • Used MySQL Enterprise Monitor and Query Analyzer to develop a proactive approach to managing servers and databases

"We liked the idea of using an open-source solution for our business because we can be involved in and benefit from the dynamic MySQL community. What was even more important was that Oracle provides 24/7 technical support which guarantees that our products will always be available to the end user," said Yuri Vilkov, head of IT department, Fabrikant.ru.