Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration with MySQL Database Service and Heatwave

2021年01月27日 (水)
トピック: クラウド

Learn how to integrate virtually all datatypes from any data source into MySQL Database Service and HeatWave. When you need to collect data from diverse sources in a timely manner, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Integration, a cloud native, serverless ETL (extract, load, transform) service on the Oracle Cloud, provides a unified solution for building, deploying, and managing complex data warehouses. Discover how its combined elements of data integration; with a graphical, no-code designer, and interactive data preparation, all powered by Spark ETL or E-LT push-down execution, ensure that information is timely, accurate, and consistent across complex systems.


  • Nicolas de Rico, MySQL Principle Solution Engineer
  • Julien Testut, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Integration


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