MySQL Cluster: Introduction to NDB

mercoledì, 15 aprile 2020
Argomenti: MySQL Cluster

So it's now time to enter the world of "MySQL Cluster" and discover what is that "NDBCluster" storage engine. We want you to know what it is, and also, what it is NOT.

MySQL offers a high availability ratio that is measured in 9's: being 99,999% available, where we could even get "6 nines" via the built in Geographic Replication and readily available conflict resolution solutions. Discover the architecture, each component, como to use it as a NoSQL environment as well as classic SQL and get to know the In-Memory Real-Time, synchronous replication Multi-master database.

Come along and find out for yourself!


  • Keith Hollman


mer, 15 apr: 03:00 Pacific time (America)
mer, 15 apr: 04:00 Mountain time (America)
mer, 15 apr: 05:00 Central time (America)
mer, 15 apr: 06:00 Eastern time (America)
mer, 15 apr: 07:00 São Paulo time
mer, 15 apr: 10:00 UTC
mer, 15 apr: 10:00 Western European time
mer, 15 apr: 11:00 Central European time
mer, 15 apr: 12:00 Eastern European time
mer, 15 apr: 15:30 India, Sri Lanka
mer, 15 apr: 17:00 Indonesia Western Time
mer, 15 apr: 18:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
mer, 15 apr: 18:00 China time
mer, 15 apr: 19:00 日本
mer, 15 apr: 20:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

La presentazione durerà circa 60 minuti e sarà seguita da una sessione di domande e risposte.


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