Moving to the Future from MongoDB to MySQL Document Store

martedì, 18 dicembre 2018

You’ve heard about MongoDB and document databases. You like the freedom and agility of working with schemaless data. You’ve been able to spin up cool software in no time with MongoDB. Yet, much of your database software is in the MySQL ecosphere, which has served you well in the passing years. You want to map structured data to unstructured data for both business analysis and reporting.

Now with the release of MySQL 8.0, you can have the best of both worlds - structured and unstructured data in one product.

In this talk you’ll see the benefits and joys of the new reality of MySQL 8.0 - two databases in one. The myriad of SQL/NoSQL use cases are covered. You’ll see how easy it is to migrate from MongoDB to MySQL Document Store. And finally, you’ll discover how enterprise tools can to help you manage this hybrid model.


  • Kathy Forte, Senior Sales Consultant, MySQL Sales Consulting


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