A Guide for ISVS and OEMs: Migrating From Microsoft Access To MySQL Embedded Server

With the rapid growth of Open Source and MySQL in the database market, many ISVs and OEMs have been migrating away from expensive and/or technically limited desktop databases to more cost effective, robust solutions. A database migration is not something to be taken lightly and especially for ISVs and OEMs whose shipping products include an embedded database. These software, hardware and appliance vendors will first want to educate themselves on the benefits and true effort of moving their products to an alternative management system such as MySQL.

Many ISVs and OEMs have seen that MySQL Embedded Server's superior scalability -- in both concurrent userload and overall data volume, cost-savings, platform freedom, and feature set combine to provide a compelling business case to move some or all of their Access applications to MySQL Embedded Server. In fact, for the past four years (2006 -- 2009), customers who participated in MySQL's Worldwide ISV / OEM survey have indicated that Microsoft Access is the number one embedded database they intend to remove from their products and replace with MySQL Embedded Server.

This paper provides insight into what is needed when considering a move from Microsoft Access to MySQL Embedded Server and presents a number of options that ease the transition.