Tralix Delivers High SLAs and Extreme Performance with MySQL

Tralix Corporation is the e-invoicing and e-marketing market-share leader in Mexico, with customers who range from some of the largest companies in Mexico, such as Citigroup Banamex, Televisa, Telmex, and Google Mexico, to some of the smallest, sole-proprietor shops.

In January 2011, a new Mexican law will come into effect mandating that invoices over MXN 2000 (~USD160) are electronic. There are 3.5 million businesses in Mexico with tax ID numbers and approximately 35,000 of those, or just 1%, currently use electronic invoices. With MySQL as its e-invoicing products' database, hosted and appliance-based, Tralix is prepared to meet this huge increase in demand.

"From the beginning, we have successfully used MySQL in all of Tralix's products, including in a hosted e-invoicing installation for a customer with over five terabytes of data, housed in 118 tables, each with 120 million records. The same customer now has all of that data in our e-invoicing appliance's MySQL database, and still can easily batch process over 600,000 monthly invoices in less than four hours.
Roberto Bargagli
CTO, Tralix