MySQL Cluster Helps Mapion to Improve its User Experience

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Mapion Co. Ltd delivers Japan’s leading online map search service, with over 700,000 page views per day, and over 200 enterprise customers. Mapion’s shareholders include Toppan, NTT East, Dentsu, Yahoo Japan, and Sharp.

To remain competitive, it is critical for Mapion to consistently innovate and improve the detail in its maps and the services it provides. Mapion needed to:

  • Improve the user experience for its online map service
  • Reduce downtime for the Mapion Mobile customer management system
  • Simplify management of Mapion BB application updates
  • Provide support for a complex systems environment to minimize downtime

Mapion had considered database clustering in the past to improve availability but at the time few databases supported the technology. However with the recent decision to update the customer management system, Mapion found that new high availability open source software was available through the MySQL Cluster database.