IMS Adoption Fueled by the Open IMS Core Project and MySQL

IMS is the foundation of Next Generation Networks (NGNs), a key architectural transformation in telecommunications networks designed to deliver communications services, such as voice, data and multi-media, over converged, all-IP (Internet Protocol) networks. It is expected that IMS will become the prominent technology enabler for converging fixed, mobile and cable networks, providing seamless triple and quadruple play services.

Open IMS Core Project Overview

  • Open IMS Core project formed to promote innovation and adoption of IMS technologies
  • Components of the project used to implement core routing functions of IMS
  • Enables application developers to quickly and simply test new IMS-based concepts and services
  • Call Service Control Functions based on open source SIP Express Router (SER)
  • Home Subscriber Server based on open source MySQL database
  • MySQL selected due to broadest industry adoption of any open source database
  • Entire Open IMS Core setup with MySQL Server can run on a single workstation, serving a subscriber
  • base of 1 million users
  • MySQL Server handles multiple hundreds of subscriber registrations per second with sub 30ms latency
  • Low hardware resource allows extensive and realistic simulations to be run at much lower cost than traditional telecoms test environments
  • MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition can be used for production-level deployments
  • MySQL offers proven deployments within the telecommunications industry