The Ultimate Guide to a B2B business for MySQL OEM/ISV

mardi, 25 août 2020
Rubriques: InnoDB

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What you will get:

This session covers The Ultimate Guide to a B2B business for MySQL OEM/ISV. Tune in, and hear from our MySQL experts, who will help you discover how to get the most from MySQL today!

Deep Dive: MySQL ISV’s Licensing & Processes (by Subhalaxmi Mohanty)

  • ISV definition
  • MySQL license type
  • How to become an ISV partner and ready to sell
  • MySQL feature and support

Technical Session: MySQL Enterprise Edition Essential for ISV/support (by Hananto Wicaksono)

This session will explain briefly on essential MySQL Enterprise Edition features to meet high availability, security, data protection and DB monitoring requirements.

Exclusive used cased, interactive demos, and Q&A to follow.


  • Subhalaxmi Mohanty, ISV Business Manager, ASEAN + ANZ Oracle MySQL
  • Hananto Wicaksono, Solution Engineer - ASEAN Oracle MySQL


lun., 24 août: 20:00 Pacific time (America)
lun., 24 août: 21:00 Mountain time (America)
lun., 24 août: 22:00 Central time (America)
lun., 24 août: 23:00 Eastern time (America)
mar., 25 août: 00:00 São Paulo time
mar., 25 août: 03:00 UTC
mar., 25 août: 03:00 Western European time
mar., 25 août: 04:00 Central European time
mar., 25 août: 05:00 Eastern European time
mar., 25 août: 08:30 India, Sri Lanka
mar., 25 août: 10:00 Indonesia Western Time
mar., 25 août: 11:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
mar., 25 août: 11:00 China time
mar., 25 août: 12:00 日本
mar., 25 août: 13:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

Présentation de 60 minutes suivie par questions/réponses.


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