DOAG Conference 2019

November 19 - 22, 2019, Nuremberg

DOAG is the largest Oracle User Group conference in Germany, stretching over 3 days plus 1 day of trainings for those interested and we are happy to announce that MySQL is again part of it. You can find MySQL at the Oracle booth as well as find a MySQL talk in the schedule as follows:

"Oracle MySQL the 'other' database from Oracle” given by Carsten Thalheimer and Henry Kröger.

The talk delivers a brief overview over the different MySQL versions, as well as presenting a live demo on how to set up a MySQL database on Linux with some basic optimizations. Additionally, a comparison is made to other existing database technologies. This is followed by a short section on how the software is integrated with existing Oracle infrastructures utilizing for example OEM 13c. Last but not least the talk concludes with a couple of practical examples on how MySQL is managed in professional contexts and what additional tools (TDE, backup/recovery, data-masking, auditing, etc.) are available for these use cases.

The talk is scheduled for Nov 21 @10:00-10:45.

Carsten & Henry will be part of the larger Oracle booth in which each subsection will have their own table, representing the different aspects of the Oracle technology portfolio.

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