A Guide to MySQL Enterprise Monitor

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a web application that is included with MySQL Enterprise Edition. It can be used during development and post-deployment to optimize, monitor, and troubleshoot MySQL databases. It includes:

  • MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, which provides a single, consolidated view into the health, security, performance and availability of MySQL databases.
  • MySQL Query Analyzer, which monitors queries and accurately pinpoints any poor-performing SQL code for often dramatic performance improvements.
  • MySQL Advisors and 250+ Advisor Rules that include MySQL Engineer-created thresholds, advice, and step-by-step troubleshooting related to MySQL Administration, Backup, Security, Replication, Schema, Performance, Product Updates, MySQL Cluster, and more.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, relied on for its performance and scalability, quality, ease-of-use, and low cost. Using MySQL Enterprise Monitor, you can improve on those five qualities even as you add more sophisticated capabilities to your application, and as your data volumes and number of MySQL servers increase. MySQL Enterprise Monitor helps ensure that MySQL is optimized for your application from the start and at all times thereafter. MySQL Enterprise Monitor also allows you to monitor and manage multiple MySQL instances more efficiently and effectively.