MySQL Enterprise Edition

Donnerstag, 29. April 2021
Themen: MySQL Enterprise Edition

MySQL Server is Opensource and there is also an Enterprise version. Find out in detail what is included in the Enterprise Edition, what tools, what added functionality and how they can not only help but even save your day to day, providing you with the peace of mind and assurance in more than just a piece of Enterprise software. There's so much more...


  • Andreea Ciobotaru, MySQL Senior Sales Consultant


Do, 29. Apr: 02:00 Pacific time (America)
Do, 29. Apr: 03:00 Mountain time (America)
Do, 29. Apr: 04:00 Central time (America)
Do, 29. Apr: 05:00 Eastern time (America)
Do, 29. Apr: 06:00 São Paulo time
Do, 29. Apr: 09:00 UTC
Do, 29. Apr: 09:00 Western European time
Do, 29. Apr: 10:00 Central European time
Do, 29. Apr: 11:00 Eastern European time
Do, 29. Apr: 14:30 India, Sri Lanka
Do, 29. Apr: 16:00 Indonesia Western Time
Do, 29. Apr: 17:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
Do, 29. Apr: 17:00 China time
Do, 29. Apr: 18:00 日本
Do, 29. Apr: 19:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

Die Präsentation dauert ca. 60 Minuten, zzgl. Fragen und Antworten und wird auf deutsch durchgeführt.


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