Introduction to MySQL HeatWave on AWS

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2023
Themen: Cloud

MySQL HeatWave is available on AWS. As an AWS user, you can now run transaction processing, analytics, and machine learning natively in one database service. No more time-consuming ETL duplication between Aurora and Redshift for analytics or paying for two services — one database is better than two!

MySQL HeatWave delivers unmatched performance and price performance in publicly available benchmarks:

  • 7X better price performance than Amazon Redshift
  • 10X better price performance than Snowflake
  • 25X faster than Redshift ML at 1% of the cost
  • 10X higher throughput than Aurora

This session will introduce new capabilities and demos:

  • Native AWS experience
  • Machine learning-based automation
  • Advanced security features

Learn how customers who have moved from AWS are using MySQL HeatWave to achieve superior performance and cut costs for marketing analytics, gaming analytics, and healthcare applications.

Join us to get the details and see how you can benefit from MySQL HeatWave on AWS.


  • Carsten Thalheimer, MySQL Master Principal Solution Engineer


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