IT-Tage Conference 2019

December 9 - 12, 2019, Frankfurt am Main

IT-Tage is one of Germany’s largest IT conferences to date. It covers a wide range of topics from agile development, over microservices, data-management/-usage as well as application and container design over to the internet of things. More than 230 sessions on various topics make it the must-go event of 2019 for IT interested parties.

We are happy to announce that same as last year MySQL will be present at the joint Oracle booth as well as Carsten Thalheimer & Henry Kröger will deliver a talk on “MySQL best practices – 8 easy steps to a more optimized MySQL instance”

On basis of RedHat Linux 8 we will demonstrate and discuss the creation of a scalable MySQL instance. Additionally an overview of the clustering possibilities within MySQL 5.7 & MySQL 8.0 will be given. The target audience for this talk are database administrators as well as those possessing a good basic understanding of database mechanics.

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